Friday, June 25, 2010


OK todays daily news is fun summer activetys u can do with your dolls. i mean u can do anything u want but the last thing u wanna do is be bored on the biggest vacation of the year.well u know going to park with your doll is fun but what if i could think of even more fun and exciting things like thats what i did.
. bring your doll on vacation but first get her ready for were your going baseicaly get her in theme
.get your doll to pose and paint a portrate of her
.do a compleate makeover on your doll
.have a party with all your friends who have dolls and ask your friends to bring there dolls

these are just some sajestions but theres many more feal free to try all of these.


  1. you can also have a doll Hollywood party. have your friends bring their dolls and do their hair and get them all dressed up! then at the end take pics of the dolls like they are at a photo shoot.

  2. omg that would thx im totally going to do that this summer