Monday, July 19, 2010


Sorry i havent blogged very much anywho im back and im leaving again wendsday but for the rest of the month when im online my american girl doll, ivy my newest one will be writing about her hecteck life lets just hope she dosent go overbord so just keep that in mind that she will be doing all the talking and dont forget to leave your opinoin on my pole read the blog post i wrote before this one. its really important!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Hi again sorry i havent posted in a while. but anywho im here to talk to u about how how high the american girl doll doll prices are getting. its getting out of hand 2 outfits is $60 plus shipping. most girls in the world dont even get that in 2 month allowance. now for me its really easy to look at a doll and say im gonna get that really soon and never get it. girls around the world cant afford these things. if you think about it the american girl doll place is just losing money because there people cant buy at these prices. if american girl lowers there prices they could gane more buyers and make more money than the were makeing before. if you want to help me and other girls fight please send american girl an email saying that u want them to lower there prices and i also have a pole up that u can answer.