Saturday, July 17, 2010


Hi again sorry i havent posted in a while. but anywho im here to talk to u about how how high the american girl doll doll prices are getting. its getting out of hand 2 outfits is $60 plus shipping. most girls in the world dont even get that in 2 month allowance. now for me its really easy to look at a doll and say im gonna get that really soon and never get it. girls around the world cant afford these things. if you think about it the american girl doll place is just losing money because there people cant buy at these prices. if american girl lowers there prices they could gane more buyers and make more money than the were makeing before. if you want to help me and other girls fight please send american girl an email saying that u want them to lower there prices and i also have a pole up that u can answer.


  1. Hmm, the outfits are a little expensive, but you can wait for them to go on sale. On Cyber Monday (I think it is the Monday after Thanksgiving) they have 30-60% off sales on the accessories, furniture, and clothes. They also have sales before Christmas so people can buy presents for a more decent price. Also, last month, in the Last Chance section they had the Singing Star Outfit and the Penguin Hooded Robe for Dolls for 10 dollars each! I know I am not one to talk about patience, (Seriously, I am awful at it.)but if you are patient and you wait, some things WILL go on sale. Also, I got the I Like Your Style outfit for 12 dollars, (50% off) in 2009 for my b-day. Straight from AG. So, please, don't protest. It is ok to send emails, but protesting usually means standing outside the AGP with signs in picket lines. Do we really want that to happen? :) Make sure if you do send emails, make them nice. Instead of saying, "AG, YOUR PRICES ARE CRAZY! IF YOU DON'T LOWER THEM NOW I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM YOU AGAIN!!!!>:C" Say something like, "AG, if you can, will you lower the prices a little bit, so a more wide variety of people can buy the clothes?". :)

  2. sorry i dont think i frazed my post corectly im not going to protest im actully just speeking up for some of those girls who cant afford to buy ag products because there prices are to high. i mean sure i love every american girl doll doll product and i have a list of every thing i want but its less than a page and not even a corter of that list would make my family broke and to be correct im online protesting its much diffrent than standing in front of a building with sines and thats why your hereing about it on my blog oh and the emails would would be simple frendly ones of course

  3. Whew! THANK YOU! I will not protest myself, I don't like getting involved. :) But if you want to protest by sending nice emails that is absolutly fine. :)